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Working together for about 20 years, former TV-presentor/newsanchor Femke Wolthuis and moderator/pianist Eric Bergsma form an unique and unconventional duo moderator specialized in hosting all kinds of international events in a journalistic, yet symphatic and artistic way. They regularly moderate events for corporate clients and discussion panels in several fields.

Educated at various Schools of Performing Arts, they both also have a longtime job experience in broadcast, journalism and theatre. As a duo moderator/chairman, they combine these skills and experience in their performance to create an energetic and animated mood. From the design stage to the actual stage, they have proved to be an unique, creative and versatile partner for allmost every occasion.

Unchained from the restricting bounds of a newsanchor on national television, Femke shines as an inspiring and enchanting presentor. Combined with Eric's musical skills and dry sense of humor, you will experience that their natural animated interaction with the audience will uplift your event to an entirely new level. Both Femke and Eric are bilingual in English and German, and also speak French.

They performed at the prestigious annual international constructionfair in Cannes. Their extensive list of clients includes KLM, the Dutch banks ABN-AMRO and Rabo, SHV, Petrochem, Apollo Tyres, Philips and Microsoft.  


Eine Moderatin der singt.
Total Toll!

H. Gastmann, Veranstalter International Climate Conference

About Femke Wolthuis

host and singer

Femke Wolthuis is a well-respected Dutch television presenter and experienced event moderator for the corporate world. For more than ten years she was one of the main anchors of the Dutch national RTL-news. She also was co-anchor at the Dutch national News station NOS-Radiojournal.


Thank you for uplifting our international incompany day. It was familiar as well as very surprising

Neeraj Kanwar, CEO Apollo Tyres, Düsseldorf

About Eric Bergsma

host and pianist

Eric studied physics at Nijmegen University followed by piano / improvisation at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.
He was head of the audio department of RTL Netherlands for 16 years and has produced several theatre-shows. His nature is a rare balance of head and heart.